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Protecting grassland, seasonal wetlands, grassy woodlands & other ecosystems on the Victorian Volcanic Plains

Help with the Conservation Action Plan for the VVP

spider on a showy podolepis

spider on a showy podolepis

Greening Australia are developing a collaborative Conservation Action Plan (CAP) for the Victorian Volcanic Plain.  Rod White, Grassland Restoration Officer, Greening Australia is interested in your feedback and hearing from any interested parties who may like to be involved in the process. Contact him on email at or by mobile 0447 585 574. Here are the relevant documents  Developing a Conservation Action Plan for the Victorian Volcanic Plains (4)    and           strategic_plan_conservation_without_borders

New Threatened Species Maps

Striped Legless Lizard an endagered species

Striped Legless Lizard – an endangered species

Media Release 19 August 2014

The Department of the Environment today released more than 1700 new maps and data that local communities can use to find threatened species in their area.

Threatened Species Commissioner Gregory Andrews said the maps and data were a valuable resource for local groups and natural resource managers, allowing them to target their conservation efforts. “This information is being made publicly available for the first time. For people to care about their local environment, they need to know what’s there and understand just how precious it is. That’s why tools like this are so important,” Mr Andrews said. Continue reading

New – Local Landscape Enhancement Grants

Scented Sundews

Scented Sundews

The Victorian Government has announced the opening of a new grants program – the Local Landscape Enhancement Grants. Applications are invited for this grants program from members of the community who are seeking to undertake projects that improve our environment, contribute to our environmental knowledge and encourage people to enjoy their local area. Continue reading

Grassland history at Warrnambool Racecourse

themedaWe have had an enquiry about the grassland remnants at the Warrnambool Racecourse. Do you have an records or photos of what remnants are on the site or know anyone who does? This information will feed into the Open Space Strategy being undertaken by Warrnambool City Council. The area is mapped on DEPI’s interactive mapping as being plains grassy woodland. Please contact Lisette Mill, Basalt to Bay Landcare Facilitator at



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