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Doreen’s Paddock

Photo of a page in Doreen's notebook (from the article in The Age)

Photo of a page in Doreen’s notebook (from the article in The Age)


In “The Age” on June 7 there was a great article about grasslands and one in particular. “As a nature-loving, artistically inclined teenager, long-time Altona resident Doreen would walk the streets and fields around her home in Civic Parade collecting wildflowers and watching birds. With her watercolours and pencils she would go home and make detailed drawings of the flowers and foliage of Wahlenbergia, Eutaxia, Velleia, Chrysocephalum, Pycnosorus and – in a prelude of what was to come – weeds like Blue pimpernel (Anagallis arvensis)”. Read more


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