Victorian Volcanic Plains Conservation Management Network

Raising awareness about the value and use of native grasslands, seasonal wetlands, grassy woodlands & other ecosystems on the Victorian Volcanic Plains

Talks about Wildlife on Farms




The next State Wide integrated Flora and Fauna Team (SWIFFT) video conference is on Thurday 31 July at 9.50am. Members of the public are welcome. Check this link for the nearest video conference center.

“Registration Achieved” Peter Hansen and Sally Roadknight, joined the Land For Wildlife program in 2002 with a Working Towards Registration status. The land was part of a former sheep grazing property which had been cleared, leaving stumps and scattered native vegetation. Since then, they have achieved Full Registration by excluding grazing, encouraging native vegetation to return. and observing the wildlife movements.
“Birds in plantations” Tanya Loos and Gib Wettenhall will discuss Biorich Plantations a way of planting trees for forestry and for habitat and the bird monitoring that they have been doing on the Ballarat Treegrowers site at Lal Lal since 2010.


“Birds on farms – restarting a project” A representative from BirdLife Australia will be presenting on starting up their project formerly known as ‘Birds on Farms’.
Open Discussion Session (11.30 -12.00)
Video conference venues: Please advise your attendance to the location contacts see the link above. Start: please be seated by 9.45 am – finish 12.00 pm


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