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New – Local Landscape Enhancement Grants

Scented Sundews

Scented Sundews

The Victorian Government has announced the opening of a new grants program – the Local Landscape Enhancement Grants. Applications are invited for this grants program from members of the community who are seeking to undertake projects that improve our environment, contribute to our environmental knowledge and encourage people to enjoy their local area.

Projects will need to be locally-based and focused on practical improvements that address local needs. Local Landscape Enhancement Grants seek to:
• support and promote practical community action to improve sites and assets that will increase the community’s enjoyment and awareness of their local environment;
• support community groups to undertake works that will improve the natural and social amenity of a site;
• foster new partnerships between community groups and organisations that manage public land; and
• support community activities that will improve public awareness of the environment and sustainability.

Projects are expected to address local environmental and amenity issues on public land such as:
• biodiversity and habitat enhancement; or
• improving the community’s enjoyment of local sites of environmental interest; or
• enhancing social well-being through improved amenity of local environmental sites; or
• improving access to local sites of environmental interest; or
• community engagement activities, that increase awareness of the local environment.

Who is eligible: the Local Landscape Enhancement Grants are targeted towards local community organizations’ and groups including Committees of Management, Landcare and Friends of groups, youth groups, schools, kindergarten groups, Rotary clubs, RSL clubs and multicultural groups. See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more details about who is eligible to apply.

Project funding: applications are being sought for small and medium grants of up to $50,000.

Project duration: single year projects that are completed by 30 December 2015 are eligible for funding.

Applications close: 4pm Monday 15 September 2014

What may be funded?
The grants program will support expenditure on items such as:
• exclusion fencing;
• capital items such as seating, access steps and barbeques;
• improvement of existing assets to facilitate social benefits from the environment;
• materials (chemicals, plants, etc.);
• site preparation;
• equipment purchase & hire
• signage & printing/design;
• project coordination;*
• environmental assessments;*
• contractors.*

See FAQ for more details about what may be funded.

Note: *There is a limit of 20% of the requested funds that can be allocated to project coordination or environmental assessment. Applicants will need to demonstrate that environmental assessment or contractors are essential to facilitate the on-ground works component of the project and in the case of contractors, is for works that that your group is unable to carry out.

Application form: to view the application form or to apply, go to link

More information: see the program guidelines and FAQs via this link and/or call the Grants Information Line on 1300 366 356 (during business hours).


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