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Native Grass Direct Seeding Forum

Flora Victoria is hosting an industry forum for anyone planning projects utilising native grass direct seeding.
Starting From Scratch – Native Grass Direct Seeding Forum will be held on 10 November 2014 at Keilor. Head for their website to download the invitation

Over the past decade huge advances have been made in the availability of native
grass seed and the technical application of direct seeding, but often people are
reluctant to embrace it for revegetation or turf. This forum will tackle perceptions
about direct seeding by discussing the following topics.
• How much does native grass seeding actually cost?
• How successful is native grass direct seeding?
• Can direct seeding reduce the long term costs of a site?
• Can direct seeding increase the ecological value of a site at the same time?
• Can direct seeding save precious remnant vegetation from the invasion of highly persistent weeds?
• When, why and how would you make the decision to change your current
management practices to include direct seeding?
• Planning for direct seeding.
• When is native grass a viable alternative to exotic turf?
• Creating specifications for native grass seeding.



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