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What determines revegetation success – survey



A request to be involved in a survey………….

As part of a research project being undertaken by the Environmental Decisions Group at The University of Queensland, we are surveying restoration ecologists, practitioners and researchers across Australia involved in the revegetation of terrestrial native vegetation. The information obtained will provide the restoration community with important insights on the motivations for undertaking revegetation and factors that influence the costs and success of revegetation. The goal is to learn from revegetation practice across diverse sectors, so that the outcomes of revegetation can be improved in the future.
Our target audience is restoration ecologists, practitioners and/or researchers from a variety of organisations (government, non-government organisations, community groups, private organisations, private landholders, universities and research institutes) who are or have been engaged in the revegetation of terrestrial native vegetation in Australia. Revegetation includes any method of reinstating native vegetation on previously cleared lands, including by plantings, seeding, assisted natural regeneration or a combination of these or other methods. The survey is nationwide to capture variation between geographic regions and vegetation types.

If you would like to participate in the survey and be part of a research project that aims to improve revegetation outcomes, please follow this link to the survey:
Or contact the investigator, Valerie Hagger (Email:; Phone: 0401 392 704).


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