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All Remnants Great and Small

In 2012 through a project run by Moorabool Shire to locate native grasslands within the shire, a small
area of quality remnant grassland was identified in the the grounds of the Balliang Anglican Church.  The following is taken from  a newsletter by the Brisbane Ranges Landcare Group ………’Over the last 100 years, the rear portion of the church site has been mowed only occasionally to keep it tidy and reduce fire risk. Small and less accessible portions have rarely, if ever, been mowed. This has allowed some quite uncommon species of herbs and grasses to survive and even thrive. Species include Wallaby Grass, Blue Devil, several species of lily, native bluebell and saltbush. The Church and the Council have made an agreement to restrict access to the rear area of the grounds and put in place a mowing regime which conserves the grassland while still allowing fire hazard reduction in summer.’
Here are some photos taken on a recent landcare hosted tour of the area.

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