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Riparian land and fire risk

Riparian land is the area of  land that adjoins waterways including the stream banks and is often the focus of planting projects. Each year thousands of dollars are invested in fencing and planting along water frontages. While concern is sometimes expressed that these plantings  pose a fire risk to the property by being a “wick” or “fuse”,  a well managed planting poses a lower fire risk. Good planning is still required in their design and ongoing management of grass and weeds will be needed.  Here is a link to some background information that gives some good ideas on some of the things to consider or the shorter brochure version.

There are indications already that this is going to be a very active fire season so if you need a reminder on  20 essential steps for what to do before the bushfire season check out this link for people on the land on the CFA website .


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