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Now is the time for rabbit control

According to the presenter at rabbit fumigation day I attended recently everyday is a day to control rabbits. You have to be relentless and use more than one technique. Now is it the time to bait – while there is little feed around and before the autumn break. If you are considering a rabbit control program  this link and  this brochure  may be of interest. Some of the points were:

• if there is myxo on the property then there will be sick rabbits which won’t take the bait so it may not be worth baiting.
• don’t run shooting program when baiting as the rabbits will be less likely to take the bait.
• you need to give 2 free feeds to accustom to pick up by the shy feeders.
• survey to make sure you know the rabbit density which you need to calculate the amount of bait required
• use a bait layer which cuts a furrow. It is the freshly turned soil that attracts the rabbits not the bait
• don’t put bait on dung hills or right on top of burrows you need to be about 1 m away
• don’t waste bait by throwing it down the holes

Here is some information if you want to consider fumigation of warrens.

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