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A slippery slope

A reminder to companies that need to replace infrastructure on private property. Grass is sometimes more than  just grass. It may be mapped as Plains Grassy Woodland and while the shrub layer may be missing or in the process of being replaced, it might be a good idea to think before you drive all over it.

Seems there were some contractors that missed the training held about 2 weeks ago where we heard that driving over a grassland breaks the protective soil crust and leaves it open to weed invasion. While we all realise that items such as power poles need replacing it might be good to think about where to drive and whether the site has had enough rain to make it too slippery.

Whether it is linear reserves such as rail, roads or waterways or private property, works need to be planned to avoid where possible damage to native vegetation. One paddock may look just like another paddock but there are quite a few reasons why it is a good idea to let a landholder know that works are planned.


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