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Start with the grasslands – discussion and book launch

While this resource has been available for some time on the Victorian National Parks Association website here is an opportunity for early birds to come to the launch of the book and hear a discussion around the topic of native grasslands in the urban environment. The following text taken from event registration site……..

Retention of native grasslands in urban areas is a growing concern for urban development and design. There are a number of issues that can jeopardise their inclusion in a final development proposal or their survival if they are retained. ‘Start with the Grasslands’, written by landscape architect Adrian Marshall and published by the Victorian National Parks Association, provides advice for the design and management of native grasslands within an urban context and forms the basis of this breakfast discussion.

Speakers have been drawn from different stages in the development of land that adjoins or is near to native grassland to explore these issues and how to resolve them. Exploring their role in the process of land development and the possible tensions with retention of grasslands, your questions will also shape this lively discussion.Speakers will include representatives from the: Metropolitan Planning Authority, a local council, a landscape architecture consultancy and a developer. Adrian Marshall will respond to the speakers, describing how ‘Start with the Grasslands’ can be used to facilitate retention of native grasslands and their successful management in urban areas.

MC for the event is Elly Russell (landscape architect, Taylor Cullity Lethlean). Matt Ruchel, from the VNPA, will officially launch the book.

Here is the link  for  registration(which is essential) and payment for the breakfast event 7.30 am – 9 am on 23 July 2015  at City of Melbourne Bowls Club, Flagstaff Gardens.


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