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Volcanic Dreaming Education Resource

Spiny Rice-flower

Spiny Rice-flower

The Year 4-7 curriculum related to the display Volcano Dreaming is now finished. The program has been designed by Ecolinc and is called FOOTPRINTS

On 9 February from about 3.30 to 4.30 pm Ecolinc staff who developed the curriculum resources will do a session for council and education officers on the curriculum see link. This event will be at Ecolinc in Bacchus Marsh.

These are terrific resources and can be used on-line as well as printing it in hard copy. The links with the “app” of the flora and fauna of the volcanic plains really expand the educational value see Biodiversity of the Western Volcanic Plains

So put the date and time in your diary.  Linda will contact you after Xmas with more details if you send her an email. Linda Bradburn, Environmental Education Officer, Melton City Council, P: 03 9747 7200 E:


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