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Name those grasses, sedges and rushes

Here is reference book if you are interested in learning how to identify grasses, sedges and rushes. The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria website says ‘with clear text, and detailed illustrations and photographs, this book describes the structure of Grasses and similar groups, explains the language used in their description, and describes the process of identification. It will greatly facilitate the successful use of the standard identification manuals available for most parts of the world. The drawings and photographs, emphasising structural details, illustrate 131 species of Grasses, 38 Sedges, 16 Rushes, 16 Restios, Rope-rushes and allies, and 2 species of Typha (Bulrushes). Covering over 200 species, this will assist with the recognition of many common plants along roadsides or in pastures. The procedure for plant identification is the same world-wide so the book is globally relevant, however the illustrations and photographs mostly depict species that are common in temperate parts of the world’.




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