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Biodiversity Action Planning Workshops

Local Biodiversity Action Plans are being developed for the City of Ballarat and the Shires of Golden Plains, Moorabool and Pyrenees through funding via the Victorian Adaptation and Sustainability Partnership (VASP).

Future Landscapes is a climate change adaptation partnership project that will help Councils better understand the impacts of projected climate change on the region’s natural assets and respond effectively for the betterment of agriculture and natural resource protection across the region.

So they are keen to hear from you about:

  • your overall aspirations for biodiversity conservation across the region
  • the most important biodiversity assets in the region
  • community approaches to conservation and resources
  • biodiversity protection and enhancement projects that are currently underway
  • what the Shires involved with the Future Landscapes project can do to support biodiversity conservation across the region

The Biodiversity Action plans will include:

  • Identification of local priority biodiversity assets/taxa for protection
  • Recommended strategies for mitigation and adaption
  • Prioritised recommendations and action plan (relating to Council operations, community engagement, education and partnerships).

The project is also developing a Regional Agricultural and Biodiversity Climate Adaptation and Opportunities Plan, and Biodiversity Asset Case studies.

There are 4 workshops, 2 on 11 April and 2 on 18 April – Biodiversity Future Landscapes Invitations_



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