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Imagine the future landscape

Yesterday I attended one of the Future Landscapes workshops. Future Landscapes is a climate change adaptation project that will help Councils from the Central Highlands Region of Victoria, better understand the impacts of projected climate change on the region’s natural assets and respond effectively to protect and improve agriculture and natural resources across the region. The organisations  involved are Ballarat, Moorabool, Hepburn, Golden Plains and Pyrenees Councils and Cultivate Agribusiness Central Highlands Inc.

The Project aims to provide Councils with valuable information, climate scenario modelling, case studies, tools and materials to ensure simple adaptation actions are integrated within their operations, plans and policies. Deakin University has been engaged to undertake research and develop practical materials to equip local Councils and key partners with an accurate and up to date snapshot of climate risks and opportunities, preparedness and adaptation for the region.

This information will inform Council planning practices and the development of tools to optimise food and fibre production landscapes and biodiversity protection both locally and across the region. Here is the link if you wish to follow the project.

The focal assets chosen for the modelling include Plains Grassy Woodland, Plains Grassland, Dry Forest, Riparian Forest, Striped Legless Lizard, Bush Stone-curlew, Superb Parrot, Phascogale and the agricultural assets are brassicas, cool climate grapes, blue gums and wheat. Case study modelling will be developed for 4 biodiversity assets and 4 agricultural production systems?

It was very interesting to see the modelling for 2030 and 2070 and wonder what we are going to do in a hotter and drier climate.  What will be the key ecosystems and should we be thinking about the plant selection for our next landcare plantings. There are 3 workshops still to be held next week in Hepburn Shire.


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