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Updates on Murnong, Hoary Sunray and Adamson’s Blown-grass

Hoary Sunray at Rokewood

Hoary Sunray at Rokewood

The latest copy of Muelleria, the journal of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, has an interesting paper about a name for murnong, where an existing name Microseris walteri has been resurrected – link.  Also included is a key to the 3 Australian species.

Those with an interest in threatened flora may remember the determination that taxa below the rank of subspecies ‘are not considered to be species for the purpose of the EPBC Act and are not eligible to be listed under section 178 of the EPBC Act’(Department of Environment 2014). This looked like it was going to impact on Hoary Sunray. Also in Muelleria is a paper about the taxonomic and legislative arguments to justify the elevation of Leucochrysum albicans var. tricolor (DC.) to the rank of subspecies – link.
For the grass identifiers there is an article on subspeciation in Lachnagrostis adamsonii.

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