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The nature of change in wetlands

Mullawallah Swamp near Ballarat

Mullawallah Swamp near Ballarat

If you have an interest  in the field of paleoecology, then this journal may be for you. It is edited by Peter A. Gell and C. Max Finlayson and provides critical background and information for wetland scientists and managers about the nature of change in wetlands, including that which can occur over different timescales

This special issue of the journal Marine and Freshwater Research contains a set of papers on “Understanding Change in the Ecological Character of Internationally Important Wetlands” with reference to the use of palaeo-ecological approaches alongside contemporary ecological approaches.

The abstracts are accessible in Marine and Freshwater Research Volume 67 Number 6

The papers came from a workshop ‘Ramsar Wetlands: Understanding Change in Ecological Character’ held in Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia, 5–8 November 2013. The workshop was sponsored by the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (now Future Earth) project PAGES (Past Global Changes), and brought together what was possibly an eclectic group of palaeoecologists and wetland managers and ecologists.


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