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Catching the sun

Twice over the long weekend, I came across our resident snake. The first time we both got a fright, but the next time I knew where to look and left it in peace. According to “The Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia by Steve Wilson  and Garry Swan, the  Lowlands Copperhead occupies habitats too cool for most other snakes. So on a long weekend in June, coiled against a rock, was good place to catch a few rays of sunshine.

Discovered and the harrassed by New Holland Honeyeaters, the snake moved to another spot and selected a clump of kangaroo grass. Some of the diagnostic characteristics are the number of scale rows, a pale iris, round pupil and barred lips. The Lowlands Copperhead has weakly barred lips and only way I am getting close enough for this identification is with a zoom lens.


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