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Plains-wanderer National Recovery Plan released

Here is the link to the newly released Plains-wanderer National Recovery Plan. To quote from the website …………

The plan considers the conservation requirements of the species across its range and identifies the actions to be taken to ensure the species long-term viability in nature, and the parties that will undertake those actions.

The plains-wanderer has recently been upgraded to Critically Endangered on the list of threatened species under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). In recent years, significant declines in numbers of plains-wanderers have been recorded in the species core locations. Over longer timeframes the primary threats to the survival of the plains-wanderer have been identified as habitat loss, primarily through the expansion of agriculture, and inappropriate grazing regimes.

The overall goal of this recovery plan is to achieve a viable, self-sustaining wild population capable of persisting through extended poor breeding seasons, and to put in place long-term management arrangements that ensure key plains-wanderer habitat is appropriately managed. To achieve this goal a range of strategies will be employed, including the development and implementation of a robust, targeted conservation breeding program and projects to facilitate management of grazing and burning regimes to maintain suitable habitat.



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