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Victorian Weed Conference Proceedings

If you didn’t make it to the 6th Biennial Victorian Weeds Conference, held in Creswick in June here is a link to the proceedings

Some of the topics

  • The use of motion sensing cameras to measure bait-take by Brush-tailed phascogale during a simulated fox control program. William Terry, Beau Kent and Michelle Patrick
  • Effects of spring spot dose response herbicide applications for the control of cane needle grass (Nassella hyalina) patches in non-arable situations on the Victorian volcanic plain. David A. McLaren,Trevor D. Hunt and Kym L. Butler
  • A pot trial to assess the effects of pine oil, sugar and granulated flupropanate on cane needle grass (Nassella hyalina) seed banks.  David A. McLaren and Kym L. Butler
  • Use of pine oil and sugar to reduce weed seed banks under cane needle grass (Nassella hyalina) patches. David A. McLaren, Trevor D. Hunt and Kym L. Butler

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