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Have Your Say on the Moolap Plan

With the closure of the aluminium smelter and rolling mill at Point Henry and the former saltworks no longer operating, the community, landowners, key stakeholders and the government have a unique and exciting opportunity to work together and explore the possibilities for Moolap’s future. State Government is preparing the Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework Plan (the Moolap Plan)to identify the future strategic direction of the study area, including any potential land-use changes over the long term.
The State Government has developed a Discussion Paper to help guide discussion about the future of the study area. Feedback will inform the preparation of the draft Moolap Plan
The documents refers to a revegetation site which is the one that used to be managed by Greening Australia. I was last at the site in November 2013 at a workshop where we walked through the grassland and was impressed by the diversity in the grassland. Here are some photos from 2o13 and I don’t know what management has taken place since then.

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