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Footprints at Ecolinc

Yesterday I was at a meeting at Ecolinc in Bacchus Marsh where the director Linda, gave us an update on what the facility provides and the program it runs for students. One of the newer aspects on offer is Footprints of the Western Volcanic Plains which utilises the ‘Volcanic Dreaming’ panorama to link into curriculum resources, materials and onsite programs to educate students about the biodiversity of the western volcanic plains.

Ecolinc is one of 6 specialist education centres around the Victoria  along with a BioLAB in Geelong and Earth Ed  in Ballarat. This facility concentrates on the 5 themes of life, water, air, earth and energy with a focus on the environment and sustainability. They  provide a wide range of curriculum programs to Government, Non Government and Independent Schools. Currently they are writing and developing new programs as well.

The Ecolinc facility incorporates innovative ecologically sustainable design  elements and is set within a created indigenous grassy woodland landscape featuring a model wetland. The wetland is designed to intercept and filter stormwater and to aid in cooling the facility in summer. It also provides habitat for growling grass frogs.

Ecolinc has a lot of grassland resources easily accessible on the website and don’t forget to look at  the Flora and Fauna field Guide App to discover the unique flora and fauna of the Western Volcanic Plains. If you need a meeting room in Bacchus Marsh that is accompanied by the sounds of excited students learning about the environment, give the centre a call. If you live locally sometimes they need volunteers.


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