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Nassella Weeds Information Evening at Ballan

Serrated Tussock

Serrated Tussock

On Wednesday September 28th from 6-9pm, the Moorabool Landcare Network is partnering with the Serrated Tussock Working Party, Moorabool Shire and the Moorabool Catchment Landcare Group to host a Nassella Information Evening.

Nassella is the genus name for serrated tussock – however serrated tussock will not be the only Nassella species discussed during the evening. It will also include other Nassella species such a Chilean Needle Grass. It is tricky to control grass weeds in native grassland so please take this opportunity to learn how to do it.

The evening will be held in the Ballan Mechanics Hall Supper Room, and food will be provided. This evening is being organised by the Moorabool Landcare Network. Please RSVP to Roger MacRaild on 0459 622 588 to book your place and for more information.

Why do you need to know about these weeds? Serrated tussock for instance is not palatable for livestock and has little feed value compared to other more desirable pasture species. Sheep cannot live on a diet of mature serrated tussock and carrying capacity decreases proportionally to the level of infestation. Serrated tussock seeds are also a serious contaminant of hay and grain.

It is important no matter the size of your  farm, that you know how to identify these grasses.  Serrated tussock and others like Chilean Needle Grass, are very similar in appearance to many Australian native grass species, making it hard to identify when not in flower. These weeds can  go unnoticed for many years and eventually take over large areas and be costly to control. A productive farm will be reduced to carrying less stock and loss of native biodiversity is a serious threat to native fauna and flora that also inhabit these areas. Check your identification skills with this chart link.


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