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Launch of Visualising Victoria’s Biodiversity

Common Everlasting

Common Everlasting

For those of you who don’t follow the VVPCMN on twitter, I thought I would mention here that there is a new resource –  Visualising Victoria’s Biodiversity.

This news is from Rob Milne Research Associate, Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation, Federation University Australia on behalf of CeRDI and SWIFFT

We are pleased to announce that Visualising Victoria’s Biodiversity (VVB) web portal is now live and can be accessed  at

VVB is designed to support the Victorian community in accessing and sharing a wide range of environmental information for learning, research and conservation of natural values. VVB is a partner site to SWIFFT, with the two sites aiming to promote and assist knowledge sharing and citizen science activities throughout Victoria.

The primary focus of this stage of VVB has been to bring together many of the existing information resources and spatial datasets produced by government, organisations, researchers, community groups and individuals. The site provides access to information from some of our key natural values data repositories such as the Victorian Biodiversity Atlas and the Atlas of Living Australia. It also shares information from the SWIFFT network, such as the biodiversity projects register, and can also host regional and local datasets. Those wishing to explore opportunities for displaying their spatial information on VVB are welcome to contact us to discuss the options.

There are interactive tools for quickly exploring the available information for an area of interest, such as the Natural Values Report, and options for sharing information on a project or research activity. Please visit and explore VVB and we encourage any feedback on the site and suggestions for improvements or new features (via feedback form on VVB or to my email).

You can follow news and development of VVB on Twitter @VVB_vic

We would like to thank all those that have provided input during development of VVB and the Helen McPherson Smith Trust for their support and funding assistance.



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