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A seed supply process to envy

Blue Pincushion

Blue Pincushion

One of the presentations at the Australian Plant Conservation Conference this week was by Paul Gibson-Roy (Lead Scientist Greening Australia).  Those of you who have seen Paul present at conferences will know that his enthusiasm for establishing native grasslands shines through. This week was no exception when he talked about his observations of the US seed production and restoration sectors.

The scale of their industry is very impressive. They grow 400-500 different species for the native seed industry and provide thousands of tonnes of seed a year. Prices are in line with market expectations, seed undergoes rigorous testing, accreditation and certification. We collect seed by the paper bag and in the US they have purpose built machinery.  Amazing what can happen if the right market drivers are put in place.

Paul was the recipient of a Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship and I found this link to his report.


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