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Grassland burning at Boonderoo

burning underway

About 40 hectares of Boonderoo Nature Conservation Reserve, a grasslands reserve of 184 Ha, was burnt yesterday. Located on Tall Trees Road at Lethbridge, the site has been under Parks Victoria management since October 2003. It is Plains Grassland Ecological Vegetation Class and listed as endangered in the Victorian Volcanic Plains Bioregion. Burning is a very useful management tool in grasslands and it is exciting to see another grassland burn take place this season.

As you will see in the pictures, the area is very rocky and this complicates site access. A few years ago appropriate permits were obtained to do some strategic rock realignment including jack hammering some rocks to remove the tops, so that the area could be divided into manageable units.  It is made up of 5 blocks with some now  accessible tracks as well as a track around the boundary. I am told that there were still plenty of cracks in the soil, so lizards could shelter if needed. Some quail were observed and soon after the fire went through, ravens moved in to see what food was available. Thanks to a DELWP firefighter for the photos.


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