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Applied Aquatic Ecology Autumn 2017

Here is the latest  ARI Applied Aquatic Ecology Update – Autumn 2017

The Applied Aquatic Ecology section, within the Arthur Rylah Institute (DELWP), aims to undertake high quality ecological research that supports and guides sustainable ecosystem policy and management.
We continue to focus on improving the way our science is communicated to inform current and future management.

One approach is the creation of an aquatic Quarterly Update which shares some recent project highlights, examples of new knowledge influencing change, recent knowledge transfer and engagement activities and some of our outputs.

This update highlights:
The results of fish surveys in Hughes Creek
Progress of the Victorian Environmental Flow Monitoring and Assessment Program (VEFMAP Stage 6)
Progress of the Wetland Monitoring and Assessment Program (WETMAP) pilot
A workshop to develop educational and awareness raising material for invasive species in waterways
A training course on pest animal management in wetlands
Fish Management Plans for eight Mallee CMA Victorian Sustainable Diversion Limit (SDL) projects
ARI Technical Report 270 (Vegetation Recovery in Inland Wetlands).
Three recent journal articles:
Todd et al. (2017) Assessing the impacts of reservoir expansion using a population model for a threatened riverine fish
Tonkin et al. (2017) Regional scale extremes in river discharge and localised spawning stock abundance influence recruitment dynamics of a threatened freshwater fish
Jones et al. (2017) Low light inhibits native fish movement through a vertical-slot fishway: Implications for engineering design


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