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Raising awareness about the value and use of native grasslands, seasonal wetlands, grassy woodlands & other ecosystems on the Victorian Volcanic Plains

Volcano Dreaming Exhibition in Geelong

The Geelong Library and Heritage Centre is hosting the Volcano Dreaming exhibition from Tuesday July 4 until Friday July 28 in conjunction with the Corangamite CMA.

The exhibition captures an original perspective of the Victorian Volcanic Plains which spread from Melbourne across most of southern Victoria towards the border of South Australia. The exhibition draws attention to the precarious existence of one of the worlds more endangered ecosystems, the wildflower grasslands of the volcanic plains. It shows you something of the original world of the western plains, what has happened to it and what is being done to help preserve what remains of it.

Together with the exhibition there will also be a display of related books from the library’s collection, and a range of colourful information guides and resources to take home and learn more about the amazing Victorian Volcanic Plains.



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