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VVP Research and Development Forum 7 June

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The art of restoring Kangaroo Grasslands 

Kangaroo Grass

Kangaroo Grass

The latest blog on Grasslands and Grassy Woodlands, where guest blogger John Delpratt delves into the art of restoring Kangaroo Grasslands on roadside reserves is ready for youJohn is an honorary fellow at Melbourne University and talks about

  • ​his personal philosophy on conservation
  • the highly successful direct seeding method used for replanting grasslands that he has played no small part in developing.

read part 1 – Kangaroo Grass communities on roadside reserves

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Managing an offset with Matted Flax-lily

Here is an article by Dominic Bowd about the management of the endangered plant Dianella amoena, Matted Flax-lily, at an offset site in Epping. (Thanks Dominic for sending this in).  Here is the  Matted Flax-lily Article and a link to his blog Firewheel Landscapes.

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Teesdale Grassy Woodlands Reserve

Within the township of Teesdale there are several nature reserves and recently I visited the Teesdale Grassy Woodlands Reserve. It is a remnant of 25 Ha and adjoins the Don Wallace Reserve, that has the local sporting facilities. Many people would pass by on the main road and not be aware that this patch of endangered vegetation exists.

There are a few walking trails to follow if you are tempted to visit and enjoy a walk under the sheoaks and eucalypts. I last visited this reserve years ago in the spring and there were lots of wildflowers to see.

It was interesting to see that there is a grazing trial in operation, using sheep to keep the grass down to reduce the fire risk. In other areas ecological burning is carried out. Here is a link to the fire management plan.