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Raising awareness about the value and use of native grasslands, seasonal wetlands, grassy woodlands & other ecosystems on the Victorian Volcanic Plains

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Next week’s SWIFFT topic – Indigenous Knowledge of Ecology

Here is a reminder about the last SWIFFT video-conference for the year. It is on Thursday next week, 26th October. The theme is Indigenous Knowledge of Ecology or what is becoming known in some circles as Aboriginal Science.  Here is the link to the list of venues and the start time is 9:45am

This session will be hosted from the Ballarat Office but there are venues across the state.

Some things to note

  1.  Please remember to sign in at the Offices as you arrive.  This is important for our staff that everyone observes this security protocol.
  2. We are very keen to know who attends the video-conferences and where you are from – there will be attendance sheets at each centre – if you could be sure to sign it and nominate what organisation or group you belong to that’d be appreciated.  If you are there unaffiliated – then please simply write “none” – we’ll know what that means.

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Looking after VVP linear reserves

Many people drive past native grasslands and wonder what the fuss is all about but if you have the responsibility of managing grasslands you need to employ contractor who can see more than grass. The CCMA and GHCMA ran 2 bus trips last week especially for weed contractors to help them learn how to prioritise which weeds to control and to help them with some plant identification.

Currently there is funding for some of our VVP linear reserves so there is a lot of weed control to be carried out through the spring. DELWP has funding to control some environmental weeds that will add to the work already done by Councils and VicRoads. The hard part for contractors is to work out which weeds are the important ones to control to give the best value for money.

There was a good turn out for the bus trips and we saw a range of grasslands on roadsides. DELWP, VicRoads and the CFA were present to provide extra guidance and explain the many intricacies of working on roadsides.

We spotted one interesting plant which I am guessing is trialing hop bush, a threatened species.


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Grassland Contractors Workshops

Last year there were 2 workshops for contractors working in grasslands. This is a follow up and important if you want some practical advice on how to manage weeds in grasslands.

Contractors working on roadside and rail reserves are invited to a weed management workshop aimed at protecting critically endangered grasslands on Thursday October 5 at Shelford.

Grassland and weed management experts will share their plant identification knowledge and weed control techniques with participants on a bus tour of VVP native grassland sites along local roads and rail reserves as part of the five-year Linear Reserves Project. More details on the event here

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Today is Threatened Species Day

Today is Threatened Species Day so here are a few of photos of those listed for the Victorian Volcanic Plains.

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Friends of Forgotten Woodlands AGM

a bee enjoying a banksia flower

The Friends of Forgotten Woodlands Annual General Meeting will be held at 7.30 – 9.00 pm Monday 4 September 2017  Agenda. The location is the Ballarat Technology Park Central building which is Building T (hatched purple on Campus map -SMB).

Adam Miller will be speaking about Banksia Genetics.

Parking is off Armstrong St South, Ballarat, and the Conference room is located on Level 1 of the building.

RSVP to Aggie, Secretary FoFW by 31 August on 0435 537 443.

The subscription form and deductible gift recipient information are on this link

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Learn about VVP grassland geology, ecology and management

This 3 day course has a great line up of presenters and provides an opportunity to learn about Victorian Volcanic Plains grasslands, grassy wetlands, Aboriginal cultural heritage and geology and soils. Numbers are limited. Registration form GA VVP Grassland Event 2017