Victorian Volcanic Plains Conservation Management Network

Raising awareness about the value and use of native grasslands, seasonal wetlands, grassy woodlands & other ecosystems on the Victorian Volcanic Plains

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Restoring Grassy Ecosystems

Many of you will know of Dr Paul Gibson-Roy, Lead Scientist, Greening Australia, from his various grassland revegetation projects on the VVP. He has written a new paper titled “Restoring Grassy Ecosystems – Feasible or Fiction?  An Inquisitive Australian’s Experience in the USA” (in the journal Ecological Management and Restoration). 2018_EMR_RestoringGrassyEcosystems_PaulGR


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Predators and prey: does rabbit control reduce the abundance of foxes?

This article comes from ARI as part of Science Week

IMG_3530It’s long been an important question in ecology – do predators control prey species, or does the abundance of a prey species control the abundance of a predator by influencing its food availability?  And what happens when both are invasive species, such as the European Rabbit and Red Fox in Australia?    Continue reading

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Conserving kangaroo grassland communities

The second part in this series on the Recreating the Country blog, explores ‘the value of restoration for conserving these critically endangered communities and how a small community in south-western Victoria is approaching this issue’ link

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Land for Wildlife

Are you a member of the Victorian Land for Wildlife program or do you know someone who is? The latest newsletter has arrived. It is only available online so sign up for it if you haven’t done so already. If you have signed up then may just need to check your emails as apparently there are some people who don’t open the link and miss out on some valuable info. LFW_Newsletter

This voluntary program  promotes wildlife conservation on private land. According to the DELWP website if you wish to create or protect wildlife habitats on your property, then the Land for Wildlife scheme can offer you advice and assistance no matter whether you manage a farm, a bush block, a council park or school ground. link

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Taking bring your own to a new level

Although I had some disappointing visits to cemeteries earlier in spring I decided to look in at Inverleigh Cemetery recently.  There were some lovely patches of native grasses remaining unmown on the edge of the pine trees and some fantastic Feather Spear-grass, one of my favourite grasses.

For the first time I also found a tiny patch with bindweed and blue devils and I don’t know if it was planted, came on  the wind or flowered because it wasn’t mown this year due to a few branches lying on the ground.

Many #VVP Cemeteries come up on the list as where to see grassland remnants. In a few years without intervention this probably won’t be the case. Many relatives want to plant something on a grave and mostly it is non-native with weed potential.

I found an interesting example of someone introducing their own preferred grass! No need to wonder why we are losing the battle for remnants in cemeteries.

introduced grass around a grave