Victorian Volcanic Plains Conservation Management Network

Raising awareness about the value and use of native grasslands, seasonal wetlands, grassy woodlands & other ecosystems on the Victorian Volcanic Plains

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Large Birds, Lava flows and Lambs

Here is another short video from the Basalt to Bay Landcare Network Facilitator. ………’Working in a big slab of Victoria that is predominantly open farming land it is hard to get a good short film with biodiversity and livestock together”  link

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Looking for Yam Daisies

VicRoads are looking for sites where murnong is growing on the roadsides that they manage. There is project to provide some interpretive signage about the value of yam daisies. If you have current records or know of any  sites, please contact John Tunn, Safety, Environment & Quality Officer, VicRoads

Sometimes it is easy to confuse a yam daisy with a flatweed. Yam daisies have finer leaves and the flower buds have a bend in the stem before they open up.



Want to be friends with a forgotten woodland?

For anyone who especially loves Silver Banksia, Drooping Sheoak and Sweet Bursaria – or any other woodland species really! The Friends of Forgotten Woodlands Inc. focus on the VVP and are trying to restore genetically diverse populations and seed orchards of key species that are quickly disappearing from the VVP.

They need a minimum of 50 members to gain certain status which will allow us to operate as an independent Friends Group.

Here is a link to the membership form and membership is only $10. If paying directly into the bank account don’t forget to add your name so they can match the paperwork.

Applied Aquatic Ecology Autumn 2017

Here is the latest  ARI Applied Aquatic Ecology Update – Autumn 2017

The Applied Aquatic Ecology section, within the Arthur Rylah Institute (DELWP), aims to undertake high quality ecological research that supports and guides sustainable ecosystem policy and management.
We continue to focus on improving the way our science is communicated to inform current and future management. Continue reading

Ecologically resilient grasslands

Chris Helzer, who is the Director of Science for The Nature Conservancy in Nebraska, writes ‘The Prairie Ecologist’ blog. He recently presented a webinar through the Natural Resources Conservation Service, entitled Using and Fire and Grazing to Maintain Productive and Ecologically Resilient Grasslands.  He discussed what ecological resilience is and how it relates to prairies, and talked about various ways prescribed fire and grazing can be used to manage prairies for biological diversity and resilience.  If you’re interested in this topic and have 45 minutes to spare, a recording of the webinar is available for anyone to watch at this link.