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Banksia Recruitment Bottlenecks Fact of Fiction

Here is the another presentation from the Banksia Workshop held at Lake Bolac on 24 February 2017 Recruitment bottlenecks for FoFW and replaces the one previously posted.

Please remember that if you want further information about any of the presentations,  ask the presenters. There are some great photos and information provided, but you need permission of the author to use them. If you are new to this site check out the other presentations from the workshop.







Banksia workshop presentations now available

Silver Banksia

Here is some additional information from the Banksia workshop held on 24 February at Lake Bolac. Please note that the presentations from Adam Miller, Steve Sinclair, Simon Heyes, Will Ford and Cathy Olive are now available. They have been loaded on the VVPCMN blog for those of you who only see these alerts via Facebook and Twitter.

If you haven’t already signed up (and paid up) to be a Friend of the Forgotten Woodlands, we would love you to join this very elite group! As we mentioned on the day, Bill and Aggie are working through the process so we can get tax deductability status and provide you with receipts. Let them know on the form if you require a receipt.


Using smart genetics with Silver Banksia

Here is the slide show presented by Dr Adam Miller on Assisting Banksia marginata on the VVP through smart genetic management, at the Banksia Workshop 24 February 2017 at Lake Bolac. This is the first of a series of posts.

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Improve the way you make measurable change

Milkmaids, Chocolate Lilies and Bulbine Lilies

Milkmaids, Chocolate Lilies and Bulbine Lilies

This Community-based Social Marketing Workshop will be of interest to those working to promote protection of threatened species, conservation of ecological assets, control of invasive species, waterway protection, waste reduction, water and energy efficiency  and other sustainable behaviour changes.

If you are interested in improving the way you spend project money and in  targeting the right people, this workshop is highly recommended.  It will be held on Thursday 30th and Friday 31st March in Hamilton and presented by Dr Doug Mackenzie-Mohr, an environmental psychologist, who incorporates scientific knowledge on behaviour change into the design and delivery of community programs.

Please could you confirm your interest in attending by emailing ASAP, to Aggie Stevenson at Glenelg Hopkins CMA 

The cost will be approximately $1000 per person and may be less depending on the number of attendees. We are aiming for a least 25 people but can cater for more. There will be a few sponsored places for those who work with landholders and  grassy ecosystems on the VVP. Overnight accommodation will be extra.

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