Victorian Volcanic Plains Conservation Management News

Raising awareness about the value and use of native grasslands, seasonal wetlands, grassy woodlands & other ecosystems on the Victorian Volcanic Plains

Threatened Species and Habitats

The term ‘threatened species’ has slightly different meanings but there is a good explanation  on the SWIFFT website.


Threatened Species and communities
Action Statements – Action Statements are like brief management plans. They provide some background information about the species, including its description, distribution, habitat, life history, the reasons for its decline and the threats which affect it. They also state what has been done to conserve the species and what will be done. Action Statements are designed to apply for three to five years, after which time they will be reviewed and updated.


Caring for Wildlife

SWIFFT – State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Teams, video meetings, information, networking, contacts, plant and fauna monitoring and protection activities.

Australian Network for Plant Conservation  – plant conservation activities, information, news, and contacts in Australia and internationally.

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC Act)

Both the woodland and grassland ecological communities may provide habitat for at least 12 animal species and more than 20 plant species that are listed as nationally threatened under the EPBC Act.

Some of the fact sheets below may now be out of date and are provided for general information only.

Isoodon obesulus obesulus (southern brown bandicoot) Endangered
Perameles gunnii subsp. unnamed (eastern barred bandicoot (mainland)) Endangered
Pteropus poliocephalus (grey-headed flying-fox) Vulnerable
Dasyurus maculatus maculates ( SE mainland population) (spot-tailed quoll, spotted-tail quoll, tiger quoll) Endangered

Pedionomus torquatus (plains-wanderer) Vulnerable
Lathamus discolour (swift parrot) Endangered

Delma impar (striped legless lizard) Vulnerable
Eulamprus tympanum marnieae (Corangamite waterskink) EndangeredCorangamite_Water_Skink
Tympanocryptis pinguicolla (grassland earless dragon) Endangered – Earless_dragon

Litoria raniformis (southern bell frog, growling grass frog) Vulnerable – Growling Grass Frog

Synemon plana (golden sun moth) Critically Endangered

Carex tasmanica (curly sedge) Vulnerable
Dianella amoena (mattedflax-lily) EndangeredDianella_amoena
Diuris basaltica (small golden moths orchid; early golden moths) Endangered
Diuris fragrantissima (sunshine diuris, white diuris, fragrant double-tails) EndangeredSunshine_Diuris
Dodonaea procumbens (trailing hop-bush) VulnerableTrailing Hop-bush
Glycine latrobeana (clover glycine, purple clover) VulnerableGlycine_latrobeana
Lachnagrostis adamsonii (Adamson’s blown grass) Endangered
Lepidium aschersonii (spiny pepper-cress) Vulnerable
Lepidium hyssopifolium (basalt pepper-cress) Endangered
Leucochrysum albicans var.tricolor ( hoary sunray) Endangered

Myriophyllum procatum (Ridged Water-milfoil) – Vulnerable  – Ridged Water-milfoil
Pimelea spinescens subsp. spinescens (spiny rice-flower, plains rice-flower) Critically EndangeredPimelea_spinescens_ssp
Poa sallacustris (salt-lake tussock grass) Vulnerable
Prasophyllum diversiflorum (gorae leek-orchid) Endangered.

Prasophyllum frenchii (maroon leek-orchid, slaty leek-orchid, stout leek-orchid, French’s leek-orchid) Endangered.
Prasophyllum suaveolens (fragrant leek-orchid) Endangered.
Pterostylis basaltica (basalt greenhood) EndangeredBasalt Rustyhood
Rutidosis leptorrhynchoides (button wrinklewort) Endangered

Senecio behrianus (Stiff Groundsel) EndangeredSenecio_behrianus

Senecio macrocarpus (large-fruit groundsel,large-fruit fireweed) Vulnerable
Senecio psilocarpus (swamp fireweed, smooth-fruited groundsel) Vulnerable
Xerochrysum palustre (swamp everlasting) Vulnerable

Listed under the FFG Act

Cullen parvumCullen_parvum

Prasophyllum fosteri (Shelford Leek-orchid) – endangered – Shelford Leek-orchid


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