Victorian Volcanic Plains Conservation Management Network

Raising awareness about the value and use of native grasslands, seasonal wetlands, grassy woodlands & other ecosystems on the Victorian Volcanic Plains

Managing Grassy Ecosystems

There are a lot of resources available for learning more about management. We will only have a few available here. It is worth checking out what is available in other states such as Tasmania and Southern New South Wales.

Suggestions about useful resources are welcome via email:


Guide to Native Pasture Management
Managing Native Grasslands

Grassy Ecosystem Management Kit

Guide to best practice conservation of temperate native grasslands

Woodlands – landholder’s guide
Stony Rises – landholder’s guide

Farming and nationally protected grasslands and woodlands of the Victorian Volcanic Plain

Review of Grassland Management in south-eastern Australia

Grassy Woodlands and Grassland Management Guide (8 x A4 information sheets)


2_Site Assessment & Planning

3_Weed Management

4_ A Burning Issue

5_Grazing and Mowing

6_Reducing Soil Disturbance

7_Restoring the Missing Links

8_Further Information & Funding

Where to begin

Start with the grasslands

Land for Wildlife program


A Revegetation Guide for Temperate Grasslands 

A Revegetation Guide for Eucalypt Woodlands –  use local indigenous species

Greening Australia Seed Production Fact Sheets – remember you will need to obtain a permit under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act to collect seed of listed species on Crown land. This includes roadsides, rail reserves, cemeteries and land held in freehold by a public authority. You will also need to seek permission from the land manger.

Grassy Groundcover Gazettes – a series of newsletters that covers news, tips, ideas, updates and reports from the successful Grassy Groundcover Research Project.

Buying Seed
Greening Australia
Seeding Victoria

Research and Best Practice
Guidelines and codes of practice

Plans & Guides

Melbourne Strategic Assessment Publications

Nationally Threatened Ecological Communities of the Victorian Volcanic Plain


A Guide to Managing Livestock Grazing in Victoria’s Wetlands. Decision Framework and Guidelines

Current and Future Risks of Cropping Wetlands in Victoria Technical Report


Learning which plant is which takes time. There is a range of books, software and apps that will assist you. Nothing quite replaces going out into the field with knowledgeable people and seeing the  plants or animals for yourself.

If taking photos don’t just take one as it is easier for someone else to identify it if you get good clear photos of the leaves, stems, flowers and the habitat and size of the plant. In plants such as grasses  the seeds may need to be examined under a dissecting microscope.

Be aware that in some cases you will need a permit to pick (take) some plant material if on public land. Protected flora are plants that have legal protection under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988.

Biodiversity of the Western Volcanic Plains.

Here is a link to a field guide for the plants and animals found on the Victorian Volcanic Plains. This field guide is also available as an app – link

The field guide was developed through Ecolinc which is an established Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) Science Specialist Centre focusing on the development and delivery of innovative educational programs addressing environmental sustainability.

Pictures and Distribution Maps

Viridans is a company that produces software that has basic descriptions of over 10,000 species of native and alien plants and animals and photos of nearly 7000 species. It also includes mapping that plots the distribution of each species.




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