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The Frog Growled

Wetlands designed to stop erosion, filter water and provide habitat. In the distance is a tree that is surrounded by a patch of remnant grassland

Last week it was interesting to visit  a new subdivision on the edge of Bacchus Marsh, called Stone Hill. Having seen the site before work started, there have been big changes as paddocks give way to houses. All that was present in 2011 was a vast array of weeds, a few remnants of native grass and some wattles and eucalypts.

Original dam surrounded by weeds and home to a growling grass frog

In what would have been grassland before settlement, there was also small dam in the paddock and during the planning for the subdivision, ecologists heard a growling grass frog. The newly landscaped ponds should provide great frog habitat and some more common frogs have already moved in. It will be interesting to see if a growler reappears.

The remnant that was present in 2011 and included a big patch of kangaroo grass, seems a bit worse for wear after all the works but the wattles and some grasses live on surrounded by new landscaping.

Remnant grassland in a sea of weeds

Amy Hahs from ARCUE gave an interesting presentation last Friday via webinar, about the multiple benefits of incorporating biodiversity into city living. Much more attention is being paid on how to include more opportunities for people to interact with nature and the subdivision at Stone Hill is evidence of this. You may be interested in this link to a paper on ‘Four ways to reduce the loss of native plants and animals from our cities and towns  or to  a presentations on healthy cities.

Wetland now home for some more common frogs

A designer with a quirky sense of humour. Hope the frog growls again.

Managing Victoria’s Biodiversity under Climate Change – Symposium

What practical steps can we take to help Victoria’s native species and ecosystems survive the impacts of climate change?

This symposium on 8-9 October is organised by the Victorian National Parks Association, the Royal Society of Victoria and University of Melbourne. Major sponsors are the Department of Environment, Land,Water and Planning and Parks Victoria  link

If you ‘love’ your landcare facilitator

landcareThe Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water Lisa Neville has announced a review of the Victorian Landcare Program, including an evaluation of the past four years of the Victorian Local Landcare Facilitator Initiative.

Community input into the review is encouraged via an online survey via this link

The survey will remain open until 15 September 2015.

The Victorian Landcare Program is the Victorian Government’s program of support to the Landcare community across the state, and includes:
Victorian Landcare Grants (delivered by each CMA),
Regional Landcare Coordinators (based in each CMA) and statewide support team,
Aboriginal Landcare Facilitator,
Victorian Landcare Gateway website,
Victorian Landcare & Catchment Management Magazine,
Victorian Landcare Awards,
Victorian Landcare Facilitators (68 facilitator positions funded by the Victorian Government).

RM Consulting Group has been engaged by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning to undertake this review and evaluation and will be consulting with a range of Landcare representatives during August and September.

The input provided during the consultation will be used to inform recommendations for the Victorian Government’s support for Landcare into the future.

Please forward and promote with your groups and networks.

Quick reminder about the threatened species funding

The Community section of the Threatened Species Protection Initiative which was announced last week, closes on 22 September. This is an opportunity for places such as cemeteries to get some money for weed and pest animal work if there is a Victorian listed species or community present. If you know someone on a cemetery trust or other committees that manages reserves please let them know about this opportunity.

If you have an idea for a bigger multi-partner project the closing date is 8 September.

Get the latest news in the world of eastern barred bandicoots

Lots of exciting interesting news is happening with the Eastern Barred Bandicoots and new projects are about to start. In this edition of Warron you will find articles on:

– a trial release on Churchill Island,

– exciting updates on populations at Mt Rothwell and Woodlands Historic Park,

– an innovative plan to use Guardian Dogs for  protection


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