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New Rabbit Action Plan

rabbit  planA Rabbit Action Group has been active within Moorabool Shire for a while trying get more action on effective rabbit control. They are currently organising a workshop for 8 May, in the Rowsley Landcare Group area to show landholders the best way to control rabbits.

Their most recent project was the  development a Rabbit Management Guide. The plan is a practical guide to assist land managers implement effective controls. Some other municipalities have already expressed interest in reprinting the document to handout to their landholders. If you are interested in controlling rabbits and need a reminder on the best way to do it then this may be the guide for you.

Control the urge to eat a bunny buy a chocolate bilby

Easter eggs have been in the shops for ages along with chocolate bunnies.  Perhaps when you are considering a chocolate purchase this Easter you may be tempted to support the bilby rather that the rabbit.

Here is an old link to an ABC Environment online article about bilbies which promotes the case to support them and to give the rabbits the flick. Make sure if you buy a chocolate bilby that it has a green tag then you can be sure your are supporting the only company that supports the Save the Bilby.

New Grassland Book

Land of Sweeping Plains - taken from CSIRO websiteNow who can resist a book on natural temperate grasslands especially when it has chapters from our foremost grassland scientists? This book is available in April so you may like to order it now, here is the link to the publishers (CSIRO) website

………….from the website  ‘Land of Sweeping Plains synthesises the scientific literature in a readily accessible manner and includes a wealth of practical experience held by policy makers, farmers, community activists and on-ground grassland managers. It aims to provide all involved in grassland management and restoration with the technical information necessary to conserve and enhance native grasslands. For readers without the responsibility of management, such as students and those interested in biodiversity conservation, it provides a detailed understanding of native grassland ecology, management challenges and solutions and, importantly, inspiration to engage with this critically endangered ecosystem.’

Camera trapping as a survey tool

More and more people are using sensor cameras to check out what is on their property or an area they manage and there are some exciting discoveries being made.  More and more these tools are being used for surveys so read about The pitfalls of wildlife camera trapping as a survey tool in Australia

If you want to have some time out check out this link to near Tang Tang Swamp in the North Central CMA area . Footage by Adrian Martins show some close ups of eagles…. beautiful scenes.

Pasture or next environmental weed

The latest Decision Point has an interesting article, Perversity in the pasture, about the need to consider what we plant as pasture species including a great Youtube clip by Don Driscoll which is a novel way to sound a warning about some pasture species turning into our next environmental weeds.

The article ties in nicely as a reminder to read with caution a link to Pastures Australia, fact sheet index, in the latest Landcare News in Corangamite, if you feel inspired to choose a new pasture species.  A huge number of pasture species are listed some of which when on the wrong side of the fence are costing us big money to control.

Now is the time for rabbit control

According to the presenter at rabbit fumigation day I attended recently everyday is a day to control rabbits. You have to be relentless and use more than one technique. Now is it the time to bait – while there is little feed around and before the autumn break. If you are considering a rabbit control program  this link and  this brochure  may be of interest. Continue reading


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