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Sprinter is nearly here

Here are some photos to brighten your day. Spring is not far away and lily and orchid leaves are appearing. If you think there are more than four seasons and that we should divide the year differently then you may like to read “Sprinter and Sprummer, Australia’s Changing Seasons” by Timothy J. Entwistle. Also check out the alternative calendars on the SWIFFT website.


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Friends of Forgotten Woodland AGM

Next month is busy for the Friends of the Forgotten Woodland. Their AGM is on Thursday 29 August in Camperdown. It will start with a walk up Mt Sugarloaf and Mt Leura, then dinner at 6pm at the Commercial Hotel, Manifold St, Camperdown, followed by the annual general meeting.

Before that there will be a big planting day for another seed production area, at Mt Elephant on Sunday 11 August. Join the group via their website to find out more or to be involved.

Link to their Facebook page or  website

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Latest VVP and other news

Two newsletters have arrived in the last week that are well worth reading. Linear Reserves Newsletter edition #2 July 2019 and Upper Hopkins Land Management Newsletter Winter 2019.

Wahlenbergia sp.

Stephen Murphy also has another blog out and this time writes about native wildlife and cats link

The next SWIFFT Seminar: People for nature is on Thursday 25 July 2019 9:45am until 12pm.

If you missed the last SWIFFT Seminar here is the link to the interesting presentations on Native bees, wasps and ants

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A world view of grasslands

Kangaroo Grass

Have you wondered where our Victorian grasslands fit into the world’s grassland ecosystems and whether managers face similar issues? The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Temperate Grasslands Specialist Group Page is about temperate grasslands and the people that are interested in their future.

For more information about this group here is a link to their website. Their mission is to reverse the trend of biodiversity loss in the grasslands biome.

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Faunal Extinctions Submissions online

artwork at Mt Rothwell

If you are interested in seeing the submissions to the *Senate inquiry into faunal extinctions here is the link. There are 420 submissions and for those of you interested in one related to the Western Grassland Reserve it is number 402.

*An inquiry into Australia’s Faunal extinction crisis including the wider ecological impact of faunal extinction, the adequacy of Commonwealth environment laws, the adequacy of existing monitoring practices, assessment process and compliance mechanisms for enforcing Commonwealth environmental law, and a range of other matters.


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Reminder for the CCMA connected landscape project grants

All it takes to register an expression of interest, as well as learn more about the project is to call Jess Lill from the Corangamite CMA on 0477 719 149 or email

Check out the map below. The closing date is 7 March. CCMA staff will come and do a site visit and discuss the project, very little paperwork involved. The southern area of the Connected Landscapes Study Area overlaps with the VVP.

The Bunanyung Landscape Alliance and the Corangamite CMA have launched the Corangamite CMA’s Connected Landscapes project. The Connected Landscapes project will protect and enhance remnant vegetation and/or establish strategic wildlife corridors.

Funding for activities may include:

  • remnant vegetation protection (i.e. fencing)
  • remnant vegetation enhancement (i.e. woody weed control and pest animal control)
  • revegetation including buffering remnants and scattered trees, establishing wildlife corridors and revegetating waterways

Community Groups and individuals within the Connected Landscapes area (refer to attached map) are invited to register projects that are consistent with the aims of the Alliance by March 7th, 2019

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Iconic estates project

Pink Bindweed

Trust for Nature is interested in hearing from landholders on the VVP who are would like to permanently protect important patches of native vegetation and habitat on their land. Apologies in advance for the scan quality but here is some information if you know anyone who may be interested page 1, page 2