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Bringing Back the Banksias, Sheoaks and Bursarias

Silver Banksia

Recently a meeting was held at Lake Bolac to determine  the interest in developing a project to bring  silver banksias, drooping sheoaks and sweet bursarias back into the landscape.  A wide range of participants attended which indicates  a great level of interest in this idea.

The event was facilitated by Russell Fisher who uses a range of techniques to gather information. He began by interviewing Bill Weatherly, a farmer with an interest in tree growing, and Martin Driver from the Australian Network for Plant Conservation, about their perspective on the issues involved in trying to re-establish the three keystone species.

Imagine how different the landscape would look if we could get more of these species back into the wider Victorian Volcanic Plains landscape. According to Martin there is wide interest in NSW for a similar project. Continue reading

Bank on Threatened Species

Striped Legless Lizard an endangered species

Striped Legless Lizard an endangered species

It is not often that you think of a bank in relation to threatened species. Bank MECU is one bank that has a strong relationship with threatened species and invests in habitat and sponsoring seminars etc. Read about their landbank and the fact sheet latest striped legless lizards, golden sunmoth and growling grass frogs all of which are found in the Victorian Volcanic Plain Bioregion.

Fire as a Land Management Tool

The Valuing our Volcanic Plains project is running a Fire as a Land Management Tool in Grasslands Field Day.
The event is being held in Melton and buses will transport landholders from the Geelong and Hume areas. The details are below and this is the fire-field-day-invitation. Continue reading

A survey of fauna monitoring

The National Environmental Research Program (NERP) is conducting a survey on fauna monitoring projects. They aim to build a database of survey projects, locations and species to try and develop a list of indicator species for long term monitoring. Please share around your networks.

More information and survey links here

New Rabbit Action Plan

rabbit  planA Rabbit Action Group has been active within Moorabool Shire for a while trying get more action on effective rabbit control. They are currently organising a workshop for 8 May, in the Rowsley Landcare Group area to show landholders the best way to control rabbits.

Their most recent project was the  development a Rabbit Management Guide. The plan is a practical guide to assist land managers implement effective controls. Some other municipalities have already expressed interest in reprinting the document to handout to their landholders. If you are interested in controlling rabbits and need a reminder on the best way to do it then this may be the guide for you.

Control the urge to eat a bunny buy a chocolate bilby

Easter eggs have been in the shops for ages along with chocolate bunnies.  Perhaps when you are considering a chocolate purchase this Easter you may be tempted to support the bilby rather that the rabbit.

Here is an old link to an ABC Environment online article about bilbies which promotes the case to support them and to give the rabbits the flick. Make sure if you buy a chocolate bilby that it has a green tag then you can be sure your are supporting the only company that supports the Save the Bilby.


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